JPMorgan Chase Wholesale Credit Analytics and Solutions – CECL Strategic Data Model / Transformations – ED in Jersey City, New Jersey

Wholesale Credit Analytics and Solutions (WCAS)

The Wholesale Credit Analytics and Solutions team (WCAS) is responsible for implementing key credit risk practices across Wholesale businesses, and ensuring consistency in methodologies within Wholesale Credit Risk.

WCAS’ areas of responsibility include Traditional Credit Product (TCP) stress testing (CCAR/DFAST/IFRS9/ICAAP) and Basel RWA, developing the firm's authoritative wholesale credit risk parameter data set, reserve/allowance management, development and implementation of an economic credit capital model, the design and integration of credit and capital limits, risk grading methodology, and the provision of strategic advice and solutions to the originating businesses.

This is a new role to liaison with business and technology in designing, testing and executing on new strategic sourced forecast models for CECL, IFRS9 and CCAR Wholesale Credit Portfolios.

CECL is a new regulation requiring banks to change reserving for loan losses from an incurred method to an expected credit loss method of forecasting losses.

CECL requirements have been developing in the industry. New information from both Firmwide and Wholesale PCCs, working groups and details on how technology are shaping how the new strategically sourced Logical Data Model (LDM) will be developed.

Role Description and Responsibilities

The successful candidate will join a broader team focused on strategic data sourcing for the wholesale credit forecasting process. Specifically the responsibilities include and are not limited to:

  • Design, define Logical Data Model (LDM) Transformations with consultant support in writing Agile stories, defining success criteria and testing cases

  • Define and test data transformations and business rules producing CECL, IFRS9, Risk Appetite and CCAR forecasts.

  • Manage Integration Testing of API to QR Library in order to produce forecast on CECL

  • Manage Integration Testing of Data Transformation and Business Rules

This new role will manage the design, testing and validation of a new strategically sourced Logical Data Model in second half of this year and 4Q target UAT run of CCAR and CECL on a new LDM Launch Point. We are committed to begin providing monthly IFRS9 forecasts in 4Q18 and CECL in 1Q19. High-level timeline is that Agile stories need to be largely completed in 3Q, pilot functional testing to be completed by end of summer and UAT in the Fall. If successful JPM will go LIVE in January for CCAR and IFRS9 on the new strategically sourced data model.

Essential skills, experience, and qualifications:

  • 10+ years of experience in banking / financial services industry and risk management

  • Experience in working with Technology on Strategic Risk Projects

  • Degree in a Finance, Engineering, Economics, Math/Statistics or related applied sciences

  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills

  • Knowledge of credit products / markets and regulatory requirements

Additional qualifications/experience considerations:

  • Strong management and project skills

  • Strong organizational, communication (verbal and written) and negotiation skills

  • Risk Management and Control mindset

  • Experience and knowledge in regulatory capital rules (Basel and CCAR)

  • CFA/FRM a plus

JPMorgan Chase is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer Disability/Veteran.