JPMorgan Chase CCB Risk - Chief Risk Officer - Card Services in Wilmington, Delaware

JP Morgan Chase is currently seeking an outstanding senior SVP/MD-level candidate to join the Chase Consumer and Community Bank (CCB) Risk group as the Global Chief Risk Officer (CRO) for Card Services. The CRO will be a member of the CCB Risk management leadership team, reporting directly to CRO of CCB Risk. The successful candidate will be accountable for end-to-end risk management of the business, including lending policy, regulatory compliance, and operational risk oversight. This is a senior level position with a very visible and influential role in managing and developing the Card Services community. This person is expected to be a leader not only in Risk but CCB as well.

While a deep quantitative and technical background is helpful, an extreme premium will be placed on leadership, as this is one of the most senior roles within Risk. This role will be a key part of the leadership team, and will be held accountable for identifying opportunities, setting the agenda, building a consensus, and driving the business forward. The Global Chief Risk Officer for Card Services will be responsible for developing the community and the leadership talent pipeline, along with driving the culture of the organization.

This role is responsible for Enterprise Risk Management for the Card Business. A strong background in quantitative credit risk management is critical. S/he will be accountable for governance of all regulatory matters for the line of business, operational risk, fraud risk, interest rate risk, and capital planning.

Key Responsibilities and Requirements:

Leadership and Management:

  • Own and implement firm-wide vision, strategy, methodology, process and governance framework for all aspects of Risk Management for Card Services

  • Partner with, educate, and influence executive leadership (including the CRO, CEO, CFO)

  • Serve as lead interface with the regulatory community for all areas of Card Services Risk

  • Responsible for managing the team in a positive and constructive manner, encouraging and motivating others, providing guidance where necessary.

  • Set adequate and measurable goals / objectives to aid staff development with ongoing review.

  • Provide senior management advice on risk issues in strategic decision making and help guide management to see a global view of risk.

  • Provide clear, concise and objective guidance to management and comprehensive summary reports to the appropriate committees.

  • Develop staff throughout the department in accordance with company and team goals.

  • Identifies and attracts high performers as well as develops and creates opportunities for individuals

  • Raises the bar on performance, tackles underperformance and promotes a high contribution culture where others do the same

  • Ensure that all tasks are carried out with a high degree of professionalism.


  • Identify and implement “best in class” market, fraud, credit, legal, reputational and operational risk management practices across Card Services products

  • Co-Chair Risk Committee with Card Services CEO.

  • Work with senior leaders to evaluate and identify the businesses and business models that offer the best risk-adjusted returns and that will be the key drivers for achieving financial and strategic objectives.

  • Ensure appropriate measurement, evaluation, reporting and governance exists for risk taking activities, inventory positions and portfolios. Promote a culture in which prompt identification, communication and resolution of problems are recognized and rewarded.

  • Be an effective advocate and spokesperson for senior management on risk issues and risk management strategies.

  • Promote an environment that supports transparency and the firm’s key risk-return objectives.

  • Maintain positive working relationships with key regulators and other external constituents.

  • Develop deep and productive working relationship with the firm’s global risk leaders including Line of Business CROs and Risk Executives.

  • Promote effective teamwork with supporting functional areas and business units.


The successful candidate will hold the following qualities:

  • Recognized risk leader, who is a dynamic, proactive and decisive person. Adapts well to and initiates change in the organization

  • Strong quantitative and intuitive skills in understanding the enterprise implications of the risks inherent in products, transactions, and economic cycles.

  • Strong decision making skills and personal conviction

JPMorgan Chase is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer Disability/Veteran.